A Rising YouTube 🌟 SRAVYA REDDY Positivizes and Patience are armor’s for her struggle and success

A Rising YouTube 🌟 SRAVYA REDDY Positivizes and Patience are armor’s for her struggle and success

Thirteen years ago, YouTube was just a fun place to watch cat videos. Sure, there were also a ton of makeup tutorials, funny challenges, and music covers, but no one knew it would turn into what it is today. Now that it’s 2020, more people than you think got their start on the platform and went on to be famous on their own.

Those days are gone when actors and actresses tried to get a breakthrough either on the small screen or big screen. There was no other option for success until the internet came and the world was introduced to YouTube. It is quite surprising that YouTube has given many more stars in a very short time than films or TV shows. People now shower love on YouTube stars also and make them famous just by giving them clicks, sitting at home. One such star is Sravya Reddy who got famous through YouTube videos. But thanks to YouTube’s ever-growing success, these creators have surpassed the platform and gone on to be celebrities outside of the platform with OTT and product deals.

Sravya Reddy

Reddy started her youtube career with Tamada Media and appeared in several videos. Born and brought up in Hyderabad, Telangana. Sravya Pursuing her graduation in Bachelor of Business Administration, she rose to fame with these videos and short films, and now she finally stepping her way to the Big screen.

For young Indian’s aspiring to enter the entertainment industry, Film Industry has long seemed like a distant, unattainable dream. But recently, many Indian’s have found a shortcut to success in the entertainment business: YouTube.

Youtube Star Sravya Reddy

Sravya Reddy, a 20-year-old living in Hyderabad, is one of a growing cadre of Indian YouTube stars who have leveraged the popularity of her video’s, and used it as a springboard into other ventures.

Sravya Reddy says it was her prominence on other social media platforms like Instagram that helped kick start her YouTube success, when other brands requested her to do beauty and fashion advice videos. And where limited roles for Indian could stifle a career in Film Industry, she says her ethnicity has been an asset on Youtube.

Reddy says her family was very supportive of her non-traditional career aspirations. She recalls that the camera she used to make her videos look more professional was a gift from her parents.  “I would show my mom my video as soon as I uploaded it to share with her what I had been working on all day,” she said. “She knew I loved doing it, so I felt like she was just happy to see me happy. No one ever told me I was wasting my time or doubted me which I’m so grateful for.”

“Traveling is something I’ve always wanted to do and now it has become a regular thing and I get to call it part of my job,” she said. “Financially, I can now take a lot of weight off my Parents’ shoulders and get to start my adult life on a great note.”

Sravya says she prefers to look at the bigger picture — she has reached a million Fans in just about a few years of being on YouTube. “I wouldn’t let the small fraction of haters out there have the power over me to choose whether I’m happy or not,” she said. “They don’t speak for the millions of good, kind people that do support me.”

In the future, Sravya Reddy hopes to make managing her YouTube channel her lifelong career. She also wants to have more involvement in the fashion and beauty industries. “YouTube is a pretty unconventional job and very new,” she said. “With that comes a lot of unpredictability, but if it was up to me I never forget from where my journey started for the rest of my life”.

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