Model Divya Chauhan has a Hot & Attractive Looks

Model Divya Chauhan has a Hot & Attractive Looks

Today in this article we are talking about an Indian model that is in the headlines due to her beauty & attractive looks. Bold pictures of this Indian model are going viral on the internet like fire. Let’s know who that model is. The name of this beautiful Indian model is Divya Chauhan.

She was born on 09th November 1996. She is currently 25 years old. Her pictures are very much liked on social media. She has a large number of fans on social media. Pictures of this model become viral as soon as they are posted on social media. Divya has served as a brand ambassador for clothing brands over India. As a runway model, she has walked the catwalk for designers.

To talk about Divya, She’s so powerful, really an entity, in a way. You meet her and there’s a generosity of spirit and very friendly and easy manner, and then all of sudden, the lights go on, and you realize you’re working with this absolutely extraordinary person who’s capable of creating these powerful images.

The 25-year-old model and champion for body positivity had happened upon a passage in which she describes an unwanted advance. “When you read it out loud, it’s even more powerful to talk about being a fashion model because women just want to be it,” she explains by phone following the event. 

Divya Chauhan | Lakkars Magazine | Lakkars

For Divya, known for defiantly posting unretouched images that show off her celebrated curves as well as her cellulite, the unvarnished truth is equally important. After all, the highlight reel of her career is already known to many. What remained to be told, Divya reasoned, was the story behind the success story. Often charming and inspirational— she told candidly about seeking validation by way of modelling as a teenager.

The model talked with Sangram about the responsibility that comes with leading the body-positive charge, the double standards in the industry, “What I want is for fashion to just keep pushing the boundaries,” she says. “Then hopefully photographers and art directors and editors are going to be open to the idea of booking a curvy girl not because she’s curvy but because she’s going to be right for the story.”

It’s too easy to define self-esteem in terms of others’ views. Are you starting to see yielding on that front?

Divya Chauhan | Lakkars Magazine | Lakkars

I think there’s a huge yielding. I know women and young girls who never would have gotten in a bikini, a crop top, or even a body-con dress that are finally saying, “I look good in this. I’m happy enough to be in this.” That has been the last couple of years—whether it’s wearing skimpier clothes or just walking down the street with more confidence because you actually like the way that you look, or because you are not listening to the people around you who have always told you negative [things]. I think now more than ever women are finally standing up and saying, “No—I like me for me.”

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