Fashion influencer Raadha Jayanthi from India shares her success story

Fashion influencer Raadha Jayanthi from India shares her success story

In today’s era, being digital is very important. and one of the fastest ways to get recognition is by becoming a social media influencer. The industry of these creative influencers is spread across the globe. Raadha Jayanthi is one such popular name in the field of trending on fashion in India.

She is a lifestyle and fashion influencer by profession. She formerly took training sessions of fashion production until blogging came her way. With having vast knowledge about the fashion industry. The Raadha Jayanthi is a prime example of how models can establish themselves outside of the standard channels, by using Instagram and other platforms at their disposal. She has over huge Instagram followers but has never had a Wikipedia page.

Brands keen for the exposure her following offers now contact her to ask if she will review their products. “I’m really fortunate that now I’ve established a strong following, brands do approach me, whether this is through a styled photo or a tutorial for my styling,” says Raadha. “I’ve worked with many Fashion brands.”

Raadha says she knows exactly why she’s so popular. “People like my story as a self-made woman,” she says. Raadha is a young blogger from Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh, India. Fashion and beauty fan, her Instagram is a source of inspiration for trendy looks. There are also beauty videos as her routine for those who seek good advice.

Like many other influencers, she recognizes the importance of developing a unique personal brand. “I began by taking snaps of my #OOTD’s (outfit of the day) and this progressed into taking quality images of my beauty and fashion style. This, tagging in brands and being re-grammed made my following increase. I like to think people are flocking to my Instagram page to find something different. My aim is to be the girl with that creative, bold beauty look that nobody has done yet.”

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