Fashion Vitamin – Anusha Tirumala

Fashion Vitamin – Anusha Tirumala

Anusha Tirumala from Hyderabad, She Chooses Modelling career as a way to break trends in the fashion industry. It was kind of a technicality, she wanted to be an actress. But started from Participating in Beauty Pageants & Later she commercially started being a Magazine on fashion and Print Shoot Model as her 1st Project with Ethnic Brand which is an ethnic wear Outlet.

According to her fashion is something which she wants to express herself & it’s very important to be cozy in her clothes & also she said she will dress according to the occasion or how people want to recognize her the way she looks. She is Very Dedicated, Professional & Also she gives her best in each & Every Shoot she works. She will express her style by being Classy chic with high heels, Denim with Vintage Them.


She has a dream of being a Successful actress & Being in Sanjay Leela Bhansali Film.

She would like to see herself as a well-established actress in next 5 years.


To Stay in shape, she eats healthy food and workout every day & to keep up the stamina & Fitness Immune system she doesn’t Drink / Smoke.

What advice do you have for someone just starting out?


Even more so than when I was a model, consumers, brands, publications and the powers that be are eager to embrace individuality. So be yourself! Make your social media unique. Dress in a way only you can. Embrace your quirky hobbies. The list goes on! 

What was one of your most gratifying experiences while modeling?


So many! But the best thing I got out of modeling was that it taught me to not compare myself to other people. When your career depends on your looks and you constantly lose jobs to women who, essentially, look better than you (because, you know, they got the job and you didn’t), it can put you in a really unhealthy place mentally. It got so bad for me that I had to totally eliminate all behaviors that encouraged comparison. It’s a habit I’m so grateful to have ditched. 


She has worked for many others as Print Shoot Model for Saris, lehengas, casuals, and Many More…

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