Here’s How Supermodel Honey Reddy Became a Popular Name Worldwide

Here’s How Supermodel Honey Reddy Became a Popular Name Worldwide

When people refer to you as “one of the original supermodels,” it’s safe to say you’ve got Trending on fashion in your bones. Honey, made her break as a top model by worked under other like-minded talents such as Cindy Crawford Mario Testino and Stevel Meisel(to name a few). Her background in front of the lens and on the runways truly allows her vision to come to life as an understanding of the importance of movement and elegance in clothing.

It may surprise many people to know that the supermodel, Honey, is currently gracing the cover of Lakkars Mid edition in the USA. She is the first South Indian model globally who has booked such a coveted spot. She has been proving that the world is currently evolving and adapting to the greater need for diversity and representation in fashion, and this Vizag beauty is making heads turn all over. Honey's career trajectory has been interesting. She has gone from walking runway for shows. She has modeled amongst several other luxury brands.

The Vizag beauty gives hope to young girls worldwide that their dreams to break ground in the field of fashion on the world stage should not be dismissed. Even if people hail from parts of the world that many may not know of, she is making them break their shackles and come to the forefront. At first, it seems like the right platform for a modelling career, however, following her footsteps, these people who adore her are making a path for their successful careers ahead.

The supermodel has been creating ripples in the fashion world with her exotic look and storied social life. Honey is known for her sense of style and loves to embody the characters she loves when it comes to getting dressed. Speaking about her passion she said on Lakkars Magazine, “Movies are such a big inspiration for me fashion-wise. I’ll watch a film and my style will take after the character that I’m obsessed with! If I watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s, all I’d wear for the next few days are black dresses and ballet flats.”

We sat down with the fashion icon to talk drive


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