Kamala’s Personal Style Such a Compelling Study is the fact that it’s Rooted in Practicality

Kamala’s Personal Style Such a Compelling Study is the fact that it’s Rooted in Practicality

US Senator Kamala Harris (of Indian and Jamaican parents) became the first Black and South Asian American woman chosen for national office by a major political party when former Vice President Joe Biden named her to be his running mate this fall.

What makes Kamala’s personal style such a compelling study is the fact that it’s rooted in practicality, comfort and youthfulness? Also, it speaks volumes about her politics and who she is as an individual. Kamala is being talked about for owning an impressive collection of converse sneakers.

 She has been wearing pearls around her neck since the last 34 years – the first signature style she acquired at Howard in 1986 which conveys a sense of reliability and loyalty. Conforming fully to traditions seems a bit outdated in today’s day and age and this is where her second symbolic look of sporting comfortable sneakers adds value to her signature style. So far her style graph shows her liking for black, navy and grey pantsuits and skirt suits in classic pinstripes, windowpane checks and tartan which she offsets with blow-dried mane, natural makeup and pearl necklaces.

It’s cool to wear a business suit with a pair of sneakers and it goes to prove that she’s got that spunk. I like how she’s worn suiting in different ways, from pointy stilettos to trainers, which radiate an optimistic, go-getter vibe.

Her style doesn’t feel dated. Be it her easy, confident smile or her fabulous hair, she’s got a certain aura. She dresses in a polished way, but on the conservative side. Having said that, I’d love to see in richer colours like deep plum or a jewel-tone palette. All in all, she comes across as a practical woman, who wants to work and get things done. Her sartorial graph conveys her fearlessness and soft aggression- which is an ideal combination. 

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