Kiya Reddy Actress Is The Viral Girl In Tollywood.

Kiya Reddy Actress Is The Viral Girl In Tollywood.

 Kiya Reddy is one of the most happening and celebrated actresses. Kiya who has emerged as one of the most trending celebrities and fastest-growing in Tollywood is an avid social media user. She often shares pictures from her photo shoots, treating her fans and followers on the photo-sharing app. The actress has shared yet another picture from her latest photoshoot and we have no words to describe the beauty and simplicity of this young damsel.

The actress is young, brave, and breathtakingly beautiful and loves to experiment a lot with Style, Physic, and Beautiful facial expression. Kiya looks sublime in her latest clicks. Alongside Kiya says every time, “If you dream a thing more than once, it’s sure to come true – to all my sleeping beauties.”


The actress also has a strong captivate millions of hearts with her sense of fashion. Be it traditional wear or western outfits, Kiya can rock any style with grace and oomph. Whenever she heads out, she makes heads turn. Here is the latest picture of the actress that proves she is a true fashionista.

In another post, Kiya can be seen looking away from the camera but striking a beautiful pose for the picture. Speaking of style, Kiya is more stylish than that of most Tollywood actresses currently. There is no denying that her social media feed is a paradise for fashion connoisseurs. It will surely inspire all the fashion lovers out there.

Kiya Reddy is an exceptionally talented Telugu Tollywood Film Actress, Theater Artist, and Model. She is in conversation with Sangram Blogger for LAKKARS.

Tell us something about this fairy tale journey?

You called it a fairy tale journey, you were right. It is actually a fairy tale. I always wanted to work in the professional film industry and I knew I can do it. But on my actress’ way I had a lot of obstacles and odds, they helped me in my successful career jump. In my childhood, many people were telling me that I am an “ugly duck” who will soon become a “beautiful swan”. It’s happened. And this is only beginning! 🙂


For an actress and model adjusting to new cities with their own cultures must be difficult and then to adjust with acting and modeling career in the new fashion Metro-land, what advice can you give to fellow actresses and models in a similar situation?

Yep, it’s really difficult. It’s difficult as if you landed on another planet. But, well, humans get used to new places eventually and everything new is always double interesting! So, I can advise everyone – be strong, bold, learn fast and believe in yourself!

You are a leading media personality, model, and actress in films. How you manage such a remarkable lifestyle?

It’s simple – I do a lot of work. So I have time to do everything that I want. My modeling work is a good experience for my acting work as well as vice-versa. In our world, we have so many interesting things which we want to do. And I have a lot of plans and ideas for the future. But my heart of course belongs to films.

What exercises comprise your fitness regime or workout routine you may wish to share?

Here are all my workouts – yoga, abdominal muscles, and exercises for legs. They all are simple enough. For example, I can tell the secret about beautiful legs, its easy – squats. Forty-fifty times every day and your lower body will be perfect.


You have glowing skin and gorgeous hair. Do you take some kind of skin treatment to keep it young and glowing and secondly what you do to your hair to make them look so stunning?

I don’t do anything with my hair or skin. It’s just a healthy lifestyle – happiness, smiles, healthy sleep and a lot of water.

Advice and motivational words to the inspiring and budding acting girls, who all are your fans and shall like to know from you for their climb to the ladder of success in the field of being an actress?

First of all you need to decide that you really want to be an actress, because it’s a very difficult road. And you must do only what makes you happy excites you and fills your heart with light. If you feel so, means that you on YOUR way. If you have already decided it, simply DO IT despite opinions, odds and obstacles. One little step every day. And one day you’ll sure discover yourself at the red carpet.

On the work front, Kiya is currently working for two more projects. Meanwhile, you can tell us what do you think about Kiya’s latest look in the comment section below. Stay tuned to this space for more updates!

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