Kresha Bajaj Successful Fashion Designers In India

Kresha Bajaj Successful Fashion Designers In India

Kresha Bajaj a fashion designer is displaying much more novelty than before. Kresha Is becoming the most successful artist is not an easy one to make. Considering the current talent pool, it is probably at an all-time high.

Kresha Bajaj

Until very recently, we had only a handful of her. However, that’s not the case anymore. She is an innumerable designer with incredible talent. The evolving runway scene has thrown open many doors for her. The fascinating fact for us, however, Kresha Bajaj is the fact that she has a unique style to offer, better than the other. Be it, khadi, earthy, traditional, or contemporary, our options are overwhelmingly abundant. Having said that, there is a Kresha’s with such inspiring journeys we should all know, and the tales she has to tell translates into her work which we can see right through, that’s really why we here today.

Kresha Bajaj

Kresha Bajaj is a name creating a buzz in the fashion industry. We’ll talk about that in a minute. ‘Koecsh’ a label that is winning hearts rapidly is known for bespoke bridal wear. Talking about bespoke she created a lehenga for her wedding with their love story etched on it. She did this for her engagement and wedding, something that blew everyone off like never before. It’s now a big part of her label. An Indian actress got it customized and is now available to whoever is interested in this. For some, it might seem over the top, but path-breaking designs like these can never be over the top. A thorough understanding of the craft and creative quotient; and it’s safe to see what you don’t really see every day. And, that’s why I’m not surprised that she has gotten a lot of attention from all over the world especially London and Australia.

Kresha Baja

At the same time, she designs ready-to-wear dresses for women, with the prime focus on the personality. Enhancing flattering parts and concealing the not-so-flattering ones. Anything from an LBD to corset or bustiers, you name it and she has it for you. She strikes the right balance, and it takes grit and conviction along with a passion for staying ahead of her time, considering the talent pool out there. The gap between the lip and the sip can sometimes cost people their careers, but talent like hers is here to stay.

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