Lakkars Photoshoot for Saree

Lakkars Photoshoot for Saree

We are witnessing a rapid evolution in the field of Advertising. From print media to digital media, Advertising has the ability not just to mold itself but to excel at it. One cannot take away the fact that the success of Advertising Industry largely depends on Advertising or Commercial Photographers. If not for those visually appealing imageries produced during the catalogue photo shoots by photographers, it would be difficult for any business to sustain, especially the Silk Sari Industry, which is quite unique in India.Silk Saris are very sensual. It is so deeply embedded into our Indian culture that any women would want to own quite a handful. Buyers of such saris, mostly women are not just convinced by seeing these saris but tend to drape it on them. Sometimes they even request the store representative, if she is a women to try it on them, so that they get a better idea as to how the sari flows, especially its designs. The dealers of Silk are quite persistent on getting a professional photo-shoot done whenever they introduce a new range of collection. The photographs taken from such silk sariphoto shoots are used on their websites, hoardings, catalogues and their social media links.As an Advertising Company we have done several Silk SariPhoto shoots, we do spend a lot of time planning those intricate details. Once the saris to be photographed are decided, we have a brainstorming session that essentially consists of Photographer, Stylist, Advertising Creative Director and the Client.

Once we finalize the models, our Stylists takes their measurements and coordinate with the Tailoring Department to do the needful alteration in the costume. Stylist also ensures that appropriate jewelers and accessories are available to make the shoot successful, for every little detail goes into the success of the photo shoot.The day of the photo shoot is action packed indeed. Make up team received clear instructions from the Photographer and the Stylist fine tunes it. The driest clearly plays a vital role in the photo shoot. Driest are those who artistically drape the sari around the lady based on the design of the sari.Based on the choreography that is already decided, the photographer explains the same to the Model and finally composes each and every shot!The same concept can be extended for any advertising promotions – We all need a visual and it can be a photograph or video or art. With the online shopping trending the country, Advertising Photographers play a pivotal role in providing those appropriate photographs to help the buyers buy at ease.

India is filled with stunning craftsmen. If we take the silk sari industry as an example, a novice would be amazed to know that there are hundreds of varieties of silk with their trademark design and the ever growing contemporary ones. Besides, the silk sari industry has become world renowned that the demands are certainly skyrocketing. As someone who has been in the commercial photography space for nearly two decades, we, at Footstone can undoubtedly say that we have done our tiny bit to help the industry thrive

  1. Bringing a balance in posing as a ‘bride’ one of the common and most successful ways of shooting silk sari is to create the scene of a wedding. The female model plays the role of a bride to be precise and there could be other characters involved like the groom for instance, or a friend or the parent. What usually happens is that the attention (or the focus) gets carried away from the sari to the person or their emotion. The audience is not compelled enough to look at the sari anymore but shift their focus to the jeweler or an overexcited friend character or an emotional father who joins the scene. Whether it is photography or videography, if you do not catch the attention at the first gaze – you have lost the audience’s interest.We have always been careful when planning our shoot. There has never been a shift of direction. If it is silk sari that we are shooting, it would be silk sari – period! We indeed make the model look like a bride and we give her all the attributes that are required for being a bride – including the acting lesson that involves how to use the facial expressions, jewelry and the art department does take care of how the backdrop should be. 
  2. One of the offshoot or consequence of not balancing the photo shoot is that the highlight of a sari is lost. Example, the silk sari could have an exquisite art work which would have taken the artists two months to complete. Such intricateness requires special mention in catalogue photography. As someone who has been in advertising photography, especially bridal photography and fashion photography, we do spend the necessary time required with the client to understand the uniqueness of the product. When this is properly understood, the silk sari catalogue shoot becomes far more easy.

Age doesn’t matter to be an actor or a model, in this era the spree of becoming an actor and model has struck the whole universe. And the way the portfolio is made diminishes the professionalism. An actor’s portfolio should not express the Photographers mettle but the Actors capability, and his attitude towards facing a camera. And this is where most failures happen.Age is not at all a constraint to become one, but what role suites for whom matters a lot, when someone approaches us for a portfolio, we make a study of his age, his look, his physic, and his tone to suggest him on what theme a portfolio can be made. We don’t just take a pic but a definition of who he is, and our pictures must speak every bit of him and his talent. Once we analysis his attitude and his appearance, we do suggest him some options for his Look, Make over and tips to prepare for the photos, and we do give him some references, so that he prepares for the Shoot.

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