Meet Nisha Shaik- India’s Influential Model

Meet Nisha Shaik- India’s Influential Model

Model, Nisha Shaik is all the inspiration you need to get your day up and running! Like most successful personality, Nisha’s success story comes with a story.

Coming from a conservative family background was not viewed as a stable source of income, her family was a little concerned about her chosen career path. She had to break away from the norm in order to pursue her dreams but she says this was all part of living her truth and pursuing her passion no matter what. Like any success story, she was determined to keep progressing so she took that final leap-packed her bags and moved to Hyderabad in order to take her career to the next level.


She tells Lakkars Magazine: “I moved to Hyderabad and lived in a shared house with five other people, I took up promo jobs. Within two years my family started seeing my face on pictures in stores and they realized that this could be a real thing for me, especially because I was becoming financially stable. Now they respect me so much for taking that risk.”

“I started posting on Instagram so that my family and friends overseas could see what I was doing with my work and a space for unknown creatives like me where we collaborated free of charge. I hope that I am an example to young girls from back home that you don’t need to work a conventional nine to five because there is so much more than women have to offer. I also hope that I can be living proof to all young Indians that you can also go out there and do whatever it is you want to achieve.”


“Living boldly by living your truth to me means that I own my Indian heritage, my family background, and what I stand for as an individual.”

Since she moved to Hyderabad, she has secured several major gigs, making her undoubtedly one of ‘it girls’ at the moment. She has also worked with many top brands.

Asides that, Nisha uses her degree in social work to contribute to the Home of Hope for Girls; something she has always been passionate about.

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