Pranavi Manukonda Knows What She Wants

Pranavi Manukonda Knows What She Wants

Talent is a result of patience, of will, and of observation. The young star – Pranavi Manukonda is an actress who has multiple achievements through her Acting and Fashion, at a young age. She speaks to Young Voice to inspire the younger generation to chase their dreams.

The world is developing, technology is growing and so is the young generation. Pranavi is turning smarter at a rapid pace and grabbing the best opportunities that life provides her. For her, it is not about enjoying the childhood or the teen years, it is so much more.

Pranavi Manukonda is a seventeen-year-old firebomb from Hyderabad. She’s is already a famous face on the Indian Telugu Regional Television. She started acting from the age of ten. Her first film was Routine Love Story in 2012 and got fame by uyyala jampala in 2013. At a very tender age, her Acting visualizes changing the world Audience. She has faith in her ideas, and in her selves. That faith is what drives her to work towards every little dream she have.

Pranavi is a young achiever in India who has done extraordinary talent in acting and made her family proud and not born with everything magical; it is the result of her effort, ideas, and faith that makes her successful. While her friends and classmates were busy complaining about numerous things or probably stuck in the virtual world of nothingness, she took inspiration to be different. Being like everybody else never creates uniqueness after all!

She also spoke about her new outlook on her career. Here are edited excerpts Sangram from the conversation.

While being a child artist you don’t know what lines are about to come out of your mouth, how does that change your character to whom you’re playing?

For me, when I’m building a character, I’m only experiencing different shades and colors of who I personally am. Artist is one color of me that I got to explore, but I was speaking as Pranavi, from a place within my own heart.

When you think back to what you were like 5 years ago, how different were you?

I had a strong idea of my identity and the meaning of my life, but after gaining success then I went through stardom. That combined with, honestly, the commercial success I had in this industry began to wear on my strength. As a teenager and as a child, I always thought the acting as a hobby, and I wanted the idea of making it into a career to take my passion for it.

And how are you feeling the success now?

Now I’m on the other side of success, thank God. A lot of the last few years have been about focusing on Carrier, and it’s a slow process. But because of hard work, I feel very grounded and rooted in whom I am and very clear about everything in my life, whether it’s my career or my own internal worth. I feel very grateful to have walked that line of fire because I know what I don’t want to ever go back to.

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