Sahar Krishnan: With Whatever Little I Have Done, I Don’t Think I Am Successful Just Yet Rethinking Fashion

Sahar Krishnan: With Whatever Little I Have Done, I Don’t Think I Am Successful Just Yet Rethinking Fashion

In about two years since got Miss Andhra Pradesh Title 2018, Sahar Krishnan has gone extremely easy with her professional choices. The Fashion Model does not believe in being in a hurry; she prefers to pick up one thing at a time and give it her best picture.

“That’s all there is for now in 2020 for me. I’m happy to concentrate on giving every fashion shoot my best picture. I feel lucky that I get to do so many things today,” says Sahar, adding, “I owe this to my mother and father. Had my mother not supported me that night when I was confused between the choices I had to make, I wouldn’t be here. She pushed me to go ahead and pursue this profession. With whatever little I have done, I don’t think I am successful just yet.

There is so much more to do. I think throughout the journey, I’ve fortunately met people who have always been kind and helpful. My family doesn’t advise me on shoots and I don’t like to stress them out either but they’re with me in everything I do. I’m also careful with my decisions and I have to ensure I give them my attention, too.”

“The way some people are passionate about art or music I am about fashion. When I realized that I can express myself through my clothes. Of course, back then it was not that simple. I also realized that people will judge me from what I wear (or what I don´t wear), that my clothes will make a statement about what music I like, what is my social group, in which area I live and where do I hang out in my free time. In other words, if I wanted to belong I had to follow a certain trend. It was then when fashion became from a form of expression a form of suppression.  Not to mention the continuous need to buy more and more in order to be always up-to-date and “fashionable”. There was even a moment in my teenage life that “going shopping” was the most important aspect of my social life.

I found it easy to adopt an easier lifestyle for myself in order to live in line with my “beliefs”. Avoid flying, consume less, drive less, etc. However, there was one thing that I found rather difficult. Should I really give up my love for fashion and care less about what I wear?

Of course, there is no doubt, that the industry of fashion as we know it today has great environmental and social impacts. For instance, the fashion industry today is responsible for about 5-10% of the environmental impact of the EU. “Forget Fashion” was the first conclusion after my initial reflection (and a quick google search). “But you love fashion” another side of me was saying. So why do I like fashion?

Fashion is a form of self-expression and communication no different than art, is part of human culture and of course, is highly political. Thus, fashion has the power to challenge power norms and stereotypes, propose alternatives and help us frame and love our bodies. Also, fashion brings knowledge of different cultures (and cultural appropriation). Fashion is also a powerful instrument to challenge gender stereotypes and social conformity.

Despite what others may claim I don’t believe in a world where clothes are just a shell to protect ourselves from the cold. How much time and effort one puts on her style is a personal and respected choice.

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