Siri – Influencing young minds through Acting

Siri – Influencing young minds through Acting

Sirisha (Siri) 24 years old, but she’s a giant in the YouTube world. She has stats that any creator would kill for. Her social media engagement—the number of likes and comments of a post divided by the total amount of followers.

If you’re not in the social media world, you might not understand how mind-boggling that is. Siri’s massive success has happened almost 4 years. When she started her YouTube channel, she was getting approximately 1500 likes per Instagram post. This year, she’s averaging 50k.


Originally from the Visakhapatnam city of India, she was always the funny girl in class but never thought that she’d have a career in entertainment. Siri said, “My family wasn’t shocked by my success, but I was. But they just knew I’d do something in entertainment. When I was younger I had a gut feeling that I was going to use my personality in some way, but I didn’t know-how. But I always had an outgoing personality. That was the one thing that I was known for.”

She taught herself how to edit video and finally launched her channel in 2013. But her early videos had a much different feel than they do now. But not all of her fans were happy with her newfound success. It’s a dilemma that many successful YouTubers face.


“People see what happened to me (success) and they want to hate me. But I don’t get it. When I was a fan, and I saw people I was fans of getting success, I was genuinely happy for them,” Siri said.

But Siri’s primary focus is to create great content and not stress about the results. When we asked her if she worries about how much engagement a sponsored post will get, she said, “No. I don’t care. I’m just going to put the best stuff I can put out; whether it’s photos, tweets, whatever. And it’s not up to me how it does. And usually, people appreciate that.”


Many YouTubers rely on props or gags to get laughs, but not Siri. She has the comedy writing chops and when she tweets, she’s on par with any of the top comedians.

Take a look at some of these posts and try not to laugh.

So what’s next for Siri? When we asked her about her future, she said, “My goal in the future is honestly just to be happy. That’s it. I try to live in the moment.”

Just follow the laughter and you’ll find Siri (Sirisha).

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