Skin retouching colors in your color grading

Skin retouching colors in your color grading

Neutral tones are out of fashion, but a color grading is in! Many well-known brands start including rosy, peachy and golden colors into their photo retouching. It becomes evident that it’s not a onetime thing, but a trend that is gaining popularity among fashion experts.  When you look at these images and their delicate toning, you can’t help but think about their resemblance with oil paintings, which we are used to see in art galleries. It’s a great and outstanding fusion of art and fashion. Skin retouching can also help you achieve this effect. Open any kind of fashion magazine and you will definitely find a bunch of examples of this trend. Therefore, if you are interested in attracting affluent clients, it will be smart to use rosy, peachy and golden colors in your color grading.

The meaning of good lighting on photos is indisputable. The lighting has always been a major factor in photography, and according to 2020 fashion trends even more attention should be paid to it. Muted light that gives an impression of mystery and creates a melancholic feel is definitely popular in the fashion photography industry. If you look through a lifestyle fashion magazine, you will find a lot of examples of moody lightning. Try to stay away from harsh lights and shadows – they are not favored in this season. Breaking the ground rules of photography will not work as well. The lighting is a powerful tool that should be used to its full advantage. Don’t hesitate to experiment with moody lighting in your projects and photo sessions. It will bring ineffable quality to your body of work. If you can’t do it by yourself, download free moody Light room presets.

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