South Indian Star Divya Vani: all you need to know about

South Indian Star Divya Vani: all you need to know about

Divya Vani is born in West Godavari, Andhra Pradesh on April 04, 1999. She belongs to the middle-class family. Her mother is housewife names Asha and her father is Vara Prasad. Divya Vani has a younger brother; his name is Vijay Kishore. Divya Vani started practicing from childhood with dance and acting.

Divya Vani

she is a famous creator of TikTok. She has glamour style sense and ravishes personality that makes everyone doubtless whether she is 17 years old. Divya Vani has huge fans on Instagram, she kills her fans by her cute smile and perfect acting, yes, she is 21 years old Blogger and she got the fame in a very short time.

Not only stage artist but also she is a very talented dancer that’s why Divya Vani has become one of the versatile influencer at a very young age. Her chic style and cute selfies are blasting on Instagram. In this era nowadays, teenagers are the biggest inspiration for each and every one.

Divya Vani

so one of her recent interviews, she clarified that she wants to work in Tollywood she will take the chance if she gets any chance. It is fun working in Tollywood. In this quarantine time, Divya Vani is sharing her dialogue expressions on Tiktok and Instagram as well as posting her best pictures. sometimes she shares her traditional looks at festival time.


Formerly the name of TikTok is musically and it has been replaced all the social media there are various Indian stars who got fame through TikTok. Apart from Divya Vani, there are multiple Indians such as Gima Ashi, Rugees Vini, and Mnajul Khattar who made her career in Bollywood. TikTok is the app that gives them a path to go to the Cinema industry.

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