Sravani Nikki is a multitalented young and glamorous actress

Sravani Nikki is a multitalented young and glamorous actress

Sravani Nikki is a supermodel and is a titleholder too. Now she has been a professional actress for only about one year, but she already has several productions under her belt.

Being born and brought up from Nellore in India. Thus she has arisen a huge sense of attachment with Hyderabad as it’s like her second home. Where she used to have frequent trips and love to spend time with family.

Being inspired from a young age to become a model and actress. She has then participated in competitions and got the title Miss Andhra Pradesh which has given her a huge exposure during her teenage days. She started her journey to becoming an aspiring model at the age of just 14. 

Sravani Nikki has always been mesmerized with the kind of role she in movies and modeling shoots. She has started working in a beauty pageant and Saree Brand shoots.  She has worked extensively hard every single and hustled with every obstacle during her early days of an acting career.

After working two years extensively with many different print media and modeling assignments. She has started making her name in the acting industry and thus many roles have been offered to her when she was at the age of 16.

And that has been a huge turning point for her career. When seeing her portfolio on social media made her getting offers in different sectors. Sravani Nikki’s work has been appreciated by many industry experts and millions of viewers.

She loves instant gratification and a sense of creating a difference in society. This creates a part of spirituality in her life and motivates her with wisdom serving gratitude toward the society. She has been inspired by her role model Miley Cyrus for her constant efforts towards securing humanity and nature.

If we talk about her vision for the upcoming Years. It’s just the start of a journey and there are many milestones that she wants to accomplish in the upcoming few years. If we talk about her upcoming goal. She is looking forward to an opportunity in working for a Bollywood movie.

For an actress, each role carries a different kind of learning and excitement but if we talk about one of those roles which she loves to play soon would be gangster or spy. “It’s something I’m getting used to,” she says. “It’s very exciting that I get to play different characters.”

She has been a great learner and loves to try different things to excel in her personal growth. She loves to spend her free time on personal growth by getting involved in a thing like dance, singing, and swimming.  She has also been doing training for salsa.

She has also been a spiritual person and thus she loves to dive deep in inner peace with yoga and meditation practices daily. Apart from her sensuous personality and her magnetizing body. She always believes to be humble and have gratitude toward everything in society.  She always tries to become the best version of herself and a well-substantiated person in life.

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