Fashion Designer Suma Tripurana Reveals Her Success Story, Talks About Legitimacy Associated With Fashion Industry

Fashion Designer Suma Tripurana Reveals Her Success Story, Talks About Legitimacy Associated With Fashion Industry

Suma Tripurana film career began, as so many have, rather inauspiciously. Her debut was a now-forgotten Romantic comedy film called Fashion Designer: s/o Ladies tailor (2017) but there’s no keeping talent like her down… though it never hurts to attach yourself straight away to a future god-level. Bridges were on board for Suma’s feature and the celebrated auteur wisely never let go of her thereafter. In-between Suma Tripurana (and on them in point of fact) Bridges established herself as a world-class costume designer of tremendous versatility, with a gift for not just memorable clothing but character-building.

Suma Tripurana is a celebrated name for more than five years now. She is famous for her Global fashion, an expression of thinking globally, sustainably and acting locally. She has dressed many famous Tollywood celebrities. Talk about the fashion industry and her journey to success as a fashion designer.

Do you have what it takes to be a part of the industry? Suma says the two most important things are flair and talent. You need a lot of focus and determination. But more than anything you need to have passion follow it and a drive to create something.

Is it the glamour that attracts you to this? Watch her clear all your confusion here. If you have always wondered about the industry being ‘mean’, fear not. The industry is so time-consuming, you will not only be oblivious to the competition, and you will sometimes forget what day and time it is.

If you always thought the industry is ruthless, let her change all your prejudices. Hard work and determination is a prerequisite for every field. However, you need to set your goals high and be tenacious towards them to achieve them, especially in the fashion industry.

You are your own competition. Fashion being a visual and dynamic industry, you need to keep on the pace and overtake yourself every time. You need to have a vision and move towards it.

Quoting Suma, “You have to be born for fashion and need to live for it!” So go for it, take your chances and give everything- you will succeed. Push yourself harder every time. Stay consistent. Stay positive and enjoy the journey. The journey is the most important and as long as you are happy- you will succeed.

What kind of skills can aspiring and upcoming designers keep in mind to excel in the field of fashion design in today’s competitive landscape?

I think it’s important to know as many skills as you can along the way and keep growing with time. But I think it’s also important to have a unique point of view – be original and don’t try to be one amongst the herd. This is something that can only be discovered with practice. The more you do, the better you get. If you have clarity, that’s great. If not, then you have to explore various things and see whatever works best.

When will you set up your own Outlet?

“Yes…Soon, willing to start a clothing brand with my name .. but right now busy with acting and costume designing for big movie projects, so it is getting a bit delay”.

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