Super Stylist Neha Menghwani

Super Stylist Neha Menghwani

Neha Menghwani is known for creating super stylish and unique looks, she has always been interested in fashion. She realized at a very young age that style would always dominate her life no matter what.

A studious kid, the now blogger topped Mumbai University but she never got the encouragement to study fashion. However, she ended up following her heart and entered the fashion industry, incorporating her passion for her job.

Neha Menghwani

Her feed is beautifully curated and edited – vibrant and exuding happiness just like her! In a short span of time, she has managed to become an inspiration to many. From styling Bollywood superstars like Shahid Kapoor, Varun Dhawan, Saif Ali Khan, Ranbir Kapoor, etc., to have a successful blog where she shares all things fashion, beauty, and travel.

From designing for & styling the very same actors for fashion shows to now sitting front row at the same shows – she has definitely cracked the code to be successful without having any industry connections. She describes her style to be very basic but wearing them differently to add her own twist to it. She says, “It’s all about styling, and that’s what I give tips about on my blog. I also include a ‘Pro Tip’ in every blog post”.

Neha Menghwani

The young stylist believes styling key pieces to be her biggest strength. She wears garments differently than people normally would. Her style is raw, edgy, street chic, extra, colorful, tonal and much more! Not to forget, a majority of her followers are based in India which consists of college students, fashion students, aspiring bloggers and also working professionals.

Do you have any fashion advice for all the young girls out there who are looking for their style?

style is, well! It takes time to develop and it is ever-evolving. So definitely don’t copy another person’s style. Instagram can sometimes be intimidating with “perfect-looking” girls so go to Pinterest – there is so much style inspire there. Save what you like. If you have similar pieces in your wardrobe – try it and see what works for your body and comfort zone. Also, going to stores like Zara help – you can try so many pairing options and get what you like. You will eventually find your aesthetic, it’s all trial and error and nothing needs to be set in stone. Being simple is okay, being well put together and confident in what you wear is more important. And you never know – maybe your comfort lies in experimentation! Style is so much fun, don’t stress too much about it.

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