Talasha has been promoting Indian fashion and designers with its one-stop-shop strategy.

Talasha has been promoting Indian fashion and designers with its one-stop-shop strategy.

Until a decade ago, luxury fashion was classified as a fairly elitist. There weren’t many places that people with a respectable income could go to buy designer outfits. Luxury market especially was unreachable due to the lack of one-stop-shops. There were a few scattered multi-designer solutions in different cities.

Talasha Store

Adopting the showroom culture, Talasha took the entire market by a storm by leading the fusion trend. Over the years, a number of platforms have made their presence felt but only a few have survived the storm of fashion transfusion and are still going strong. Talasha Fashions stands among the tallest in the category.

In an exclusive conversation with Youngest Entrepreneur, the Talasha brand’s Creative Designer and Founder, Anu Pellakuru sheds light on the transformation of the women perspective on fashion and more:

Making Fashion Approachable

Talasha Store

While launching Talasha, Anu Pellakuru’s vision was to create a friendly, welcoming space that showcases the best of luxury Indo-Western fashion for women. She has taken the baton to make fashion approachable and position the brand as an authentic Indian one-stop-shop solution for designer wear.

“We offer the best of Indian designer wear under one roof, and try to ensure that there is something for everyone. The merchandising strategy is ultimately the core of this business – curating the right pieces, finding new talent, and putting together a unique range of styles that customers’ desire,” Anu Pellakuru stated, adding that she also educate the customers on what would look good on them.

Talasha Team

To outreach people globally, Talasha launched its social media portal where their staff be available 24/7 to interact. It has been steadily growing over the last few years.

Specialities of your Fashion line

Talasha- Anu Pellakuru

As of now, it’s more festive and wedding wear, but the process of expanding into other areas is already in the works. “Since I was young I realized people would always give me praise for my style of dress to the point of even emulating it.  So I figured why not create my own brand since all I was doing was being a billboard for designers who could care less about me.”

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Talasha- Anu Pellakuru & Surya Theja

It takes a lot of balance.  First and foremost my brother keeps things balanced with the financial and Accounts so that allows me to manage all of my ventures and projects without being overwhelmed. From there I have a great team of people that I’ve surrounded myself with.

Tech Impact

Talasha- Anu Pellakuru

No sector has been able to escape the impact of disrupting technologies. Talasha is no different. “We are constantly on the lookout for new technologies and applications to improve our customer experience,” Anu affirmed. From the way the brand handles its inventory or the way they cater to their worldwide audience, everything has taken a technical turn.

Fashion has shifted to a see-now-buy-now, where new trends and styles are constantly being created, and customers want them right away. Talasha offers an interesting feature during fashion called one-stop Shop to reality, where users can shop a designer’s entire fashion collection straight off the show.

At Talasha’s store in Hyderabad, where they introduce progressive young labels with a distinct voice and potential. While more than 50% of the brand’s online customer base is in the US, they also have a growing clientele in Australia, Canada, the UK and the Middle East.

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