The teenager became an Instagram sensation

The teenager became an Instagram sensation

Some stories are interesting, whereas some turn drab and boring, but we strongly feel that it takes the heart and soul of every artist to give life to the fictional characters. And that is why we are here sharing with our readers the fabulous Sreenidhi Reddy who have conquered our hearts.

Sreenidhi Reddy

She accidentally became a social media influencer and got instant fame and stardom solely due to the magic cast by social media. However, she is really good at what she did. And thanks to the magnificent world of social media which offered her the right opportunity at the right moment which led a star to reach her pinnacle of success.

Karimnagar, India-based beauty pro with zero experience in Acting, fashion and Beauty Pro, she is down to earth and full of warmth. In town for Lakkars Fashion Magazine, in association with sangram, Sreenidhi chatted with him on her journey and her fava Tollywood faces to work on influencing.

Quite how she built such a huge audience, Sreenidhi isn’t so sure. “It was all happening really quickly; it’s kind of crazy to think about it. I never thought that this would happen. Like, everyone thinks, ‘Oh, that’s so cool,’ but when it’s actually happening — it’s crazy to think about, ‘why do people want to follow me? What am I doing different than everyone?’ It’s just crazy,” she says, acknowledging her place at the top could be temporary. “Instagram changes every day, so there could be someone else that passes me tomorrow, who knows?” In short, her account consists of quick, go viral on the platform. Her videos feel natural; her dancing style feasible yet fluid, making her the perfect guide for fans to follow in her footsteps.

According to her fashion is something which she wants to express herself & it’s very important to be cozy in her clothes & also she said she will dress according to the occasion or how people want to recognize her the way she looks. She is Very Dedicated & Also she gives her best in each & Every Shoot she works. She will express her style by being Classy chic with high heels, Denim with Vintage Them.

Sreenidhi said she isn’t entirely sure why her account has exploded in popularity — her guess is that something in the Instagram algorithm is working in her favor. The majority of her content showcases her passion for acting and bubbly looks, which she’s been doing since created account.

Sreenidhi hopes that by humanizing herself, her followers will see her as a person who exists beyond their phone screens. “I do have emotions… I’m more than just a person you see acting with cute looks. I’m real. That’s why I’ve kind of been posting more stuff about my life … to show them I do normal things,” sreenidhi said.

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